The Data Scientists.Net Program creates a community hub for data scientists from all around the world. This program ensures anyone wanting to start a career in data science or take their career to the next level can get access to a nurturing environment, the right tools and collaboration to help put each individual on the fastest path to a fulfilling career.

The Data Scientists.Net Program is a concept brought to life by two brothers Troy and Shane Sadkowsky who see the massive value and clarity that can be brought to the world through the use of Data Science. They believe that it is the duty of the Data Scientist to provide the map and the compass that will help others navigate through the challenges that humankind is facing today.  

Data Scientists are the out of the box thinkers that bring new insight and innovation to data driven goals by taking both internal and external perspectives that empower communities and culture.  However, being on the outside and looking in can also mean it is easy to become isolated from a supportive community of your own.

Introducing the Data Scientists.Net Program!

Data Scientists.Net Program offers a community platform for Data Scientists.   This is a life long program for those committed to the mission of empowing others with data and technology. It offers an exclusive membership platform that includes training video‚Äôs, resources and a global chat room. It is free to join but be warned, registering for this program means that you are committed to being the very best data scientist you can possibly be.

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