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Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s leading provider of data science solutions.

It all came together when a data scientist was introduced to the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH) of Bhutan on a bus ride in Australia.The data scientist then realised that data science could also contribute to GNH by helping one understand the patterns of one’s own data assets and letting him into insights as to what his data is trying to convey.

Why not use predictive nature of the data to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions for sustainable growth?

In the year 2017, Bhutan Data Scientists Pvt. Ltd. was founded and established by Mr.Troy Sadkowsky who is a pioneer of data science and the very data scientist on that fateful bus.

Our data science services come with a difference and with a touch of happiness all the way from Kingdom of Bhutan!

Our Value Proposition

Bhutan Data Scientists Pvt. Ltd. offers a unique data science service that is infused with the tradition and wisdom of Bhutan combined with the state-of-the-art tools and techniques for the effective and efficient management of digital data assets. We focus on the well-being and sustainability of your digital data assets with integrity and nobility. Bhutan Data Scientists fosters the highest level of team spirit allowing for seamless collaboration with key stakeholders of our valued clients.

All of this comes at a cost less than a full-time data scientist.

Wondering where to start? .. Start with Happiness Analysis

We conduct happiness analysis of your organization through uniquely designed surveys. Formatted through inspiration of GNH concepts, the result will report to you with a happiness index of your organization.

We specialise in defining, integrating, measuring and analysing spiritual capital within organizations and production systems. By combining the long-lived wisdom of Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index (GNHI) with modern peer-reviewed research in spiritual capital and spiritual intelligence, BDS is the original and leading expert company in data science application for happiness analysis.

Our Approach

We deliver our value propositions through 12 months data management plan. A breakdown of detailed list of activities against each month are given below.




1 st Month

Data Dive

This month of the data management plan is known as the data dive. It will focus on identifying the current data sources and software tools being used and available at your organisation. The data dive will also involve an analysis of staff skills and interests within your organization.

2 nd Month


This month will focus on ensuring your company has the physical hardware required for performing data analytics. This phase includes aspects of data storage, security, backups and roles and responsibilities of data custodians within your organisation.

3 rd Month

Data Centralization

This month will focus on holistic normalisation of your data ecosystem to ensure that information is stored centrally and not duplicated across systems and departments. Data duplication can result in needless double entry as well as resulting in out-dated, incorrect information.

4 th Month

Data Cleaning

This month will focus on cleaning up your data. We will use tailor made data cleaning tools to detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate records. Using custom built tools, Python and Java we will be identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the dirty data.

5 th Month

Statistical Analysis

This month will focus on generating complete, accurate statistical reports on all aspects of your data ecosystem.

6 th Month

Predictive Analytics

This month will focus on trend analysis and predictive analytics in the core business areas of your choice.

7 th Month

Intelligent Automation

This month will focus on the development of intelligent automation systems. Using custom made tools in Python and Java, we will identify and automate rule based processes that are repetitive in nature.

8 th Month

Enhanced Reports

This month will focus on delivering enhanced reports that are now achievable with your organisation's centralised and clean data assets.

9 th Month

Live Dashboard

This month will focus on developing web application dashboards that link directly to your centralised and clean data repositories.

10 th Month

Interactive visualization

This month will focus on using the latest tools and techniques in interactive data visualisation. Working together with our experienced data scientists we will facilitate the discovering the unknown, unknowns of your data ecosystem.

11 th Month

Review Value Delivered

This month will focus on reviewing the changes introduced to your organisation via the data management plan.

12 th Month

Enhance Value Delivered

This month will focus on refining and enhancing all aspects of this data management plan.

Trip to Bhutan

We offer retreat opportunities in Bhutan to our clients. These retreats will involve active reviews of the works done in the past 6 months and close interactions with our team. Also the clients will get opportunities to visit places within Bhutan.

It will be a 7-days program filled in exciting events, adventures, workshops and trainings on data science. Get to experience Bhutan and Bhutanese at grass-root levels

Bhutan is the country of a stunning and wide variety of flora and fauna, amazing architecture, ancient traditions, impressive monasteries, a deeply revered King, remarkably friendly people and unique colourful cultures.

Paro Taktsang

Who We Are

We are passionate about the data science movement and its development into a conscious scientific community.

Leki Choden CEO & Data Integrity Manager lekichoden@datascientists.bt

Leki Choden loves putting everything in place. She is passionate about modern techniques and tools that support quality data gathering, storage and the maintenance of data integrity.

Tashi Dendup CTO & Data Operations Manager tashidendup@datascientists.bt

Tashi Dendup knows how to put your data to work. His expertise in building bespoke production development tools brings high-powered results in transforming and transporting data across data sources. Building purpose-built data operational tools provide maximum utilisation across dispersed data ecosystems. If you want to perform sophisticated data queries with data from any data sources like raw files, spreadsheets, databases and information systems, Tashi will put your data to work seamlessly.

Troy Sadkowsky Chief Data Scientist & Data Insights Manager troysadkowsky@datascientists.bt

Troy Sadkowsky is a master data scientist and knows how to listen and speak to data in order to gain the evolutionary insights that are waiting to be seen.

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Where you can find us

Bhutan is a small Kingdom nestled in the Himalayan mountains with a steadfast loyalty to environmental and cultural preservation. We choose Bhutan for its natural wisdom and unspoilt pristine environment that breathes innovation and creativity into every solution we implement.

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Thimphu TechPark
Wangchutaba, Babesa, Thimphu

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+975 17 25 5080